Friday, June 14, 2024
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About Dr Nuñez Estrella

Dr. Eliseo Nuñez Estrella is a manufacturer and a holistic doctor specializing in the use of natural products.


Dr. Núñez Estrella was born in the Dominican Republic. He started his medical career when he worked for Public Health (SESPA) as a nursing assistant supervisor. He then attended medical school at the Universities of CETEC, Pedro Enriquez Ureña and Mundial Dominicana.

Dr. Núñez Estrella, like many other modern practitioners, started his career as a medical doctor working as a generalist in the Dominican Republic, and has combined his knowledge of illnesses with an approach of healing through Natural Medicine. He practiced in the Dominican Republic as a generalist in the following clinics: Clinic Landestoy in Buenos Aires Herrera, Clinic Las Palmas de Herrera, Medical center Gómez, and at the Christian Medical Center (B. Porter) for which he also took the task as a Director.

Dr. Núñez Estrella came to the United States in 1986 to Lawrence, Massachusetts in which he was educated in alternative medicine in 1991, earning a doctorate (N.D.) in Naturopathy at the Natural Healing school in Alabama. After practicing as a Holistic practitioner for several years in Massachusetts, he moved with his family to Orlando Florida in 1993 and then registers the company Holistic Natural Health. He also completed courses for a Ph.D. (Philosophy and Medical Administration). This potent background of knowledge and understanding helps in the marketing of the practice.

Says Dr. Núñez Estrella, "When I see a person suffering from a disease caused by inappropriate nutrition, it motivates me more to educate and prepare people so that they may not suffer the consequences."

Dr. Núñez Estrella is a health speaker, writer of health articles for various websites and has many of his health conferences on DVD. For that reason, Dr. Núñez Estrella is regarded as a health advocate and an educator with experience for over 25 years.

Coming up in an environment where the patient's health is the main concern, and not the politics of medicine, Dr. Nuñez Estrella understands the great amount of responsibility a health practitioner has. Moreover, Dr. Nuñez Estrella is not influenced by the "quick, and cheap fix", but rather by making your health his motivation.

For Dr. Núñez Estrella, his motivation is your health.

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