Friday, January 27, 2023
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Female chronic constipation associated with heart risks

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Older women with constipation have an increased risk of developing heart disease than those with more regular bowel, suggests a study on American women.


The authors argue that this means that constipation per se explain the extra risk.
The authors argue that this means that constipation per se explain the extra risk.

Is that women with chronic constipation tend to have more risk factors for heart disease such as low-fiber diet, little exercise and high rates of hypertension or high cholesterol.

In fact, when the team took into account these and other factors, the relationship between constipation and heart disease disappeared.
"We can make recommendations according to the study," said lead researcher Dr. Elena Salmoirago-blotched.

"I just suggest that constipation would be a key tool to identify women who have multiple cardiovascular risk factors and, therefore, more cardiovascular risk," said Salmoirago-blotched, a cardiologist at the School of Medicine, University of Massachusetts, Worcester .
Still, he felt that all postmenopausal women should control their risk factors for heart disease and cerebrovascular accident (CVA) such as hypertension and high cholesterol.

The results, published in American Journal of Medicine, are based on 73,000 postmenopausal women followed for United States 6-10 years.

At baseline, participants were asked about their health and lifestyle, including the problems of constipation during the previous month.
35 percent had constipation. In the following years, these women were more likely than others to suffer from clogged arteries, a heart attack or stroke or dying from coronary heart disease.

Less than 2 percent of women with chronic constipation (when the condition affects daily activities) had a cardiovascular problem each year of follow-up period, compared to less than 1 percent of women with regular bowel movements at baseline. Women with mild to moderate constipation was in the middle.

But the relationship is shattered when the team considered other factors such as age, weight, diet, exercise and traditional cardiac risk factors (hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol). In the end, only the severe constipation remained associated with heart problems.
But according Salmoirago-blotched, is also complex to draw conclusions from this result. Further studies are needed to confirm the findings and see if they apply for men and youth.

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