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SUPER PROTEIN 17,500mg From Hydrolized Collagen

Protein, Amino Acids, L-Arginine, Muscles, Joints, Tendons, Exercise, Ligaments, Skin, Hair, Nails, Menisci, Knee
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3-5 days

    Super Protein is a hydrolyzed collagen protein supplement of high concentration that has no fat or
    carbohydrates and is low in calories. Because it is hydrolyzed, Super Protein is ideal for athletes and bodybuilders.
    Recommended for:

    • Prevents the wasting of muscle tissue by increasing its regeneration
    • Protects the integrity of the cartilages, joints, ligaments, and menisci
    • Restores skin smoothness, and flexibility and strength to your nails and hair
    • Maintains the health of vital organs
    • Increase muscle mass and helps with weight loss




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